Hammocks- One of the First Portable Beds

Travel is one of life’s most rewarding opportunities. Travel gives us a chance to step outside of our circle of friends and family to realize that there are others who share this planet we like to call home. In the modern world we are awarded easy travels most of the time. Cars have made ways for people to get around with relatively little interruptions. Apart from the occasional flat tire or minor car trouble we are generally able to get from place to place in a short period of time.

In addition to the convenience of cars, we also have the luxury of hotels in every city. No matter if your budget is small or great you can find a comfortable place to rest your head after a long day of traveling from place to place. Hotels and motels are truly a home away from home for the weary traveler.

In the Time Before Cars

Most of us cannot fathom a world without the modern conveniences of today, but there was a time where travel was quite harder than it is today. Cars take us from place to place quickly. Where cities used to be very confined areas where shoppers could gain access to the goods they needed in one city block, they are now far more spread out. Where walking from one end of town could take several hours depending on the size, a car can take us across town in a matter of minutes.

Before there were cars people still traveled, it was just at a much slower pace. Many families would travel by horse and buggy to reach their destination or simply walk where they were planning to go. During travel, it was hard to find a suitable place to rest the traveler’s weary bones. There were very few hotels and the traveler was very unlikely to come upon one during the time they needed to rest so the solution for many travelers of old came in the form of hammocks.

Light and Convenient

To carry a traditional bed along the way while traveling would have been next to impossible back then. Travelers often looked for solutions to the bed situation. Many carried a number of blankets to be placed on the ground and some did not even carry bedding, they simply slept on the ground, in the dirt. For the savvy traveler, however, the solution was simple. Hammocks could be made out of a variety of materials and were easily tied between two trees.

The nature of the way the hammock lays between the trees is a very ergonomic design. The body has natural curves and lying on a flat surface can often leave us with sore muscles in the morning. Lying in a hammock gives the traveler a curved sleeping area that is much easier on the muscles and therefore is far superior in the way the body is available to rest. Plus they are made from very light materials so there is far less strain involved in carrying a hammock along.

More Than a Bed

When traveling it is a common practice to only carry what is needed. Today we are awarded the fact that we are able to carry far more stuff than is needed and most of us tend to pack too much just in case something is needed. Travel before modern conveniences was much simpler. Since everything had to be carried, weight was a big issue. You did not want to have to carry every little thing you might, by chance, need. Only the essentials were sent with the traveler and many of the things brought along were used for multiple purposes to cut down on the weight load. Hammocks were one of these multipurpose devices.

At the end of the night the traveler would pack everything up and be on his or her way. When you think of traveling by foot you often think of the traveler carrying a back pack. The travelers of old often did not have a back pack, but would instead pack all of their belongings into their hammock and carry that on their backs instead.

The woven design of many hammocks had the added bonus of not only having things packed within it, but the traveler had the option of attaching bulky items to the exterior of the hammock pack so as not to overload the hammock.

While on a traveling excursion catching one’s own food was also a tasked that had to be performed on a daily basis. Again, the woven design if the hammock comes into play for catching food. The traveler can use the hammock as a net to catch fish.

The humble hammock has come a long way since it was used to help travelers travel a little more easily, but they are still wildly popular today. We now use hammocks as a way to relax and take in the outdoors, so whether you need one for a trek through the woods or to simply lounge by the pool go to www.theoriginalhammockstore.com and purchase one for yourself. You will not be sorry you did.