Hammocks That Offer a Future

We are awarded a great privilege in this country of not going without. Sure there are times where we cannot afford certain things that we desire or we have to be late on a bill, but the vast majority of families in the United States are able to eat and keep a roof over their heads. Even those who have trouble feeding their families are able to get government help and buy groceries to feed their little ones. We are a spoiled nation and most of us do not even realize it.

Many of us grew up hearing about these poor countries where there was little to eat and people were starving. We mainly heard about them from our mothers when they were trying to get us to eat our dinner by telling us of the unfortunate children in other countries that would love to eat the broccoli we so vilely hated to smell, let alone eat.

The truth is that there are many countries in which people are starving and there seems to be no way out. Jobs are scarce and the government has all but abandoned the people. One of these countries is Yucatan, Mexico.

When we think of Mexico our minds are often inundated with visions of beautiful beaches and luxurious cruise ships taking us to this magical land. That is a very small part of Mexico. Great deals of the Mexican people are suffering due to very poor living conditions.

Yucatan Mexico

The people of Yucatan, Mexico are starving and have very little options when it comes to feeding their families. There are few jobs to be had in this small part of the world, but the people have something that is very valuable to the rest of the world. The people of Yucatan are master craftsmen and women. These people craft the most beautiful products known to man. The vibrant colors of Mexico are stitched into every product made by these remarkable individuals. We have found that the Yucatan people are wonderful at making one of America’s most valuable products, Hammocks.

The Original Hammock Store

We at The Original Hammock Store have worked out a deal with the fascinating people of Yucatan, Mexico that will allow the people to provide for their families and will allow the people of America to enjoy their handcrafted and very beautiful hammocks.

These hammocks are not like the ones bought at big name retailers across America. They are far superior to the mass produced regular hammocks that we are used to. The Yucatan people use only the finest materials when hand making these fine products. The natural fibers are more durable and stronger than anything manufactured by machines in a factory.

Great pride is woven into every hammock the people of Yucatan produce. They know what it is like to truly have nothing. Being able to sell the products produced provide their children with food and also an education. Many of these children are able to go to school and learn for the very first time in their lives. The sale of hammocks is providing families with the ability to live today and the children will be able to thrive in the future because of the education they were provided.

The Other Guys

It is true that hammocks can be purchased from big name retailers for a cheaper price, but the problem with the cheaper price is that it also comes with cheaper materials. China is one of the leading manufacturers of hammocks. The hammocks are manufactured in large factories. The workers do not possess the drive nor the craftsmanship that the Yucatan people do.

Mass produced hammocks are made by machine and any defect in the material is rarely caught by the workers. These hammocks are not as durable as the hammocks made by the Yucatan people. Our weavers are able to provide strict quality control throughout the weaving process because they are weaving each hammock individually. The quality and durability of hand crafted hammocks is unmatched by anything any machine can produce.

We are committed to quality of products as well as quality of life at The Original Hammock Store. We believe that by offering a superior product produced by true craftsmen and women we are awarding our customers with the utmost in hammock satisfaction. When you relax in one of our hammocks you will be enveloped in the rich history of the Yucatan people. You will also have the satisfaction that your purchase helped a village come out of poverty.

At The Original Hammock Store you will not only purchase one of the most beautifully crafted hammocks on the planet, but a child will be able to gain an education and live out their dreams for the future. We believe that every family should be awarded the same opportunities that we take for granted every day and we are doing our part to ensure no family will go hungry and all children are given the chance for an education. Help us in our endeavor and purchase one of our beautiful hammocks today at The Original Hammock Store.