The Original Hammock Store

The Original Hammock Store

Extra Large Hammock Chair
Extra Large Hammock Chair $ 79.99
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Hacienda Americana Hammock
Hacienda Americana Hammock $ 319.99
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Hacienda Chair Hammock
Hacienda Chair Hammock $ 219.99
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King Sized Hammock
King Sized Hammock $ 79.99
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Large Hammock Chair
Large Hammock Chair $ 74.99
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Queen Sized Hammock
Queen Sized Hammock $ 69.99
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Regular Hammock
Regular Hammock $ 64.99
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Thick Cord Hammock
Thick Cord Hammock $ 99.99
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There’s nothing more exotic and relaxing than lounging in a hammock reading a book, or sipping a nice cold cocktail on a summer’s day, so why not invest in a quality, hand-crafted Mayan hammock from the specialists at The Original Hammock Store.

As a family owned business, we understand the value of Mayan history and traditions. Our ethos is to supply quality, hand-made hammocks to our customers that not only look beautiful and provide excellent comfort, but also help to support local artisans of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where all our products are hand-woven and crafted using traditional Mayan techniques.

We believe in keeping traditional skills like weaving alive in the local community, as well as supporting Fairtrade and creating a better world. We do this by ensuring all our workers are paid fairly and have the flexibility of working within their own homes.

Authentic Mayan and Mexican hammocks in a wide range of styles

With a wide range of hand-woven hammocks to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. We have a selection of Fair Trade chairs, like the traditional Mexican Hammock Chair or the luxury Hacienda Chair, which are hand-woven from 100% extra soft and thick virgin cotton rope and supported by a hand-crafted Granadillo wood frame, which gives exceptional comfort, sophistication and elegance.

Alternatively our range of lie-down Mexican hammocks come in a whole range of styles, colors and sizes, so you can snuggle up with a loved one to watch the sunset, or spread out and simply take an afternoon siesta in the fresh air.

Traditional Mayan fair trade hammocks & chairs

Whatever you decide, you can guarantee all our products are of the highest quality, using locally sourced materials to create our unique Mexican hammocks. The high standards we exact to each individual products means our customers are getting the best hammocks available on the market at competitive prices, so they will last longer and make for a great investment.

Plus you can have peace of mind that you’re supporting local communities and Fair Trade, as well as ensuring that traditional Mayan crafts are continuing through to the next generation too.

Delve into our product pages to find the perfect Mayan chair or Mayan hammocks for sale that will suit your needs.